Version 1.1.0 introduces Let's Encrypt and Certificate support, Search functionality enhancements and new firewall and disk backup policy API endpoints alongside the usual fixes and tweaks.






  • We've improved the billing experience by providing clearer detail for items in our pricing list; adjusting the interface for invoices and credit notes; and making the shortcut to download PDFs easier to find.
  • More user-friendly DNS editor interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Only one backup, per policy, will run at any one time.
  • Reverse DNS is now unset when un-allocating IP addresses.
  • Disks with MBR partitions can no longer be resized beyond 2TB.


  • Starting from this version of Katapult we've changed our version numbering approach to major.minor.patch. We increment minor whenever we release a new feature and patch for any bug fixes.


Certificate Manager (Let's Encrypt)

Accessible via the Domains menu in the left sidebar, the newly released Katapult Certificate Manager allows organizations to create, manage and store certificates, including:

  • The auto-generation of Let's Encrypt certificates for any hostname where DNS is managed within Katapult.
  • The uploading of custom certificates.
  • The creation of self-signed certificates for any hostname.


Several improvements have been made to the Katapult search functionality to extend its reach to almost all objects available from the Katapult Console.

  • Searches can now be filtered by type directly from the query with the format <type>:<query>. For instance, searching virtual_machine:test will only return VirtualMachine objects which match the query test.
  • A new search results page has been created to view searches that return large numbers of results, this page is filterable by type, and the results are paginated.
  • Several UI tweaks have also been made, including search results now listing the Organization that the result belongs to.